Sneak peek at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

… so as I mentioned in the last post, Spring Fashion Week is upon us here in Melbourne, and I’ve been booked solid for the past few days helping stylist Franco Schifilliti with the Fox FM fashion show which is at the Forum tomorrow night. So far we’ve run around choosing and picking up clothes, had fittings with the Fox FM personalities (including Hamish and Andy, who were gorgeous, hilarious and lovely…), styled and accessorised all the looks and done model fittings. Tomorrow is going to be a long, but fun day!!
Tuesday is a busy one too as I have to return all the looks from the show and then there’s a gala dinner and fashion show by
The Social Studio which I only found out I was going to yesterday… as it’s a bit of a fancy event it’s the perfect excuse for a lovely long dress and I would have loved to have made a new red one but I don’t have the time or material so have dug out one I bought for 5 Euro at a flea market in Paris… here’s a sneak peek… along with a bamboo chair I bought at the Mornington Antique Centre recently.
As well as these two big events, the Green is the New Black exhibition is on all week and I’ve got some dresses in it, I’d love you to check it out if you’re in town! The dresses are also going to be in the fashion show at the cocktail party on Wednesday night… I’m getting dressed up for that too!
Whew, I feel like a very busy Cinderella and the week hasn’t even begun yet! It’s fabulous to get back into the swing of the fashion thing though!