Spring fling with ex-boyfriend jeans

Can you believe it? It’s nearly Spring Fashion Week here in Melbourne! And how do I know that? Because, in true Melbourne style, it’s been freezing and pouring with rain for the past week. I happily admit that the pictures in this post are ones I prepared much, much earlier when the shopping centre newsletter I sometimes write for asked me to do a short piece on denim with a cheesy photo to accompany the piece (well they didn’t specify that it had to be cheesy, but unfortunately most of my shots turn out that way!). I thought the jeans I wore for the newsletter shots should be fairly generic, but then got the urge to let loose a bit and show you my most reaction-inspiring pair which are these vintage Lee flares which belonged to my ex years back in Tokyo. He likes fiddling with fashion too and unpicked the ENTIRE inside leg seam to insert this gold fringing.

He also had to put a cloth patch (like one of those souvenir ones travellers sew onto their backpacks) on the butt because it’s wearing thin, but I forgot to take shots of that so you’ll just have to imagine it. The patch I mean, not my butt. At this stage I’m sure you’re thinking that he remade these jeans with tender loving care just for me, but you’d be wrong. He made them for himself before we even met. Yes, he wore them, ie we are the same size. In fact some of my jeans were a bit too big for him. Scary, but true. However as soon as he saw how much better these looked on me, he relinquished them, which was, I’m sure you’ll agree, the only sensible thing to do.

In these pics I’m trying to stop Kelly jumping all over me as whenever I head outside to take photos she thinks that I want to play or take shots of her… which is what I end up doing.

I’m wearing a $4 batik t-shirt from Savers (yes, more batik), $1 earrings from Bunkaya Zakkaten, heels from an op shop in Japan (that don’t go with these jeans at all… I can really see that now!!) and a bag from the Salvos which I had to reconfigure as the strap arrangement was really uncomfortable … you can see a “before” pic here (more gratuitous cat photos) where the strap fastens to the bottom of the bag and forces you to carry it behind you rather than to your side – I removed it from that metal loop using pliers and now just carry the bag like a bucket with straps.

I’m backdating this post – and probably some to come in the next few days – as suddenly there’s a lot on my social calendar and otherwise I won’t be able to fit it all in!! How about you, what does spring bring to your schedule?