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Seven ways with a shirt

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has kicked off and while fashions come and go, denim is always in style. I’ve been meaning to show how versatile a denim shirt can be, and as I wore… Continue reading

A patch of bother

About 17 years ago, when I was living in Tokyo, I spent up big on a pair of jeans (Hysteric Glamour brand). When I say “spent up big”, they were probably only about… Continue reading

Denim DIY

Regular readers of this blog will know I love a good dress-up with the best of them. However, despite what these posts might indicate, I do actually have other things happening in my… Continue reading

Spring is coming: DIY Game of Thrones-style

If I were to say Game of Thrones is influencing my DIY ideas lately, I’m sure visions of dragon-skin corsets and wolf-fur jerkins start dancing through your head. But it’s more difficult than… Continue reading

Dyeing to know your opinions!

… so I was at Camberwell market a few weeks ago and happened on a stall selling dead stock. Everything was $5 each, so of course I couldn’t resist buying a few pieces,… Continue reading

Spring fling with ex-boyfriend jeans

Can you believe it? It’s nearly Spring Fashion Week here in Melbourne! And how do I know that? Because, in true Melbourne style, it’s been freezing and pouring with rain for the past… Continue reading