Seven ways with a shirt

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has kicked off and while fashions come and go, denim is always in style. I’ve been meaning to show how versatile a denim shirt can be, and as I wore one to the runways yesterday, now seems like a good time.

denim pink

Snapped at MSFW by street style team Estelle Michaelides ( and Kayla Piccolo (

So here we go – I didn’t have Kayla around to snap me so after luring you in with the glamorous pic above, it’s back to the usual self-timer job from here on in…

Here’s the most basic version of my denim shirt, which is actually a shirt dress with pockets in the sides. I bought it at Mujirushiryohin Yurakucho when I was in Tokyo last year. (That’s Muji if you’re shopping in Australia!) It’s organic cotton and kind of similar to this one. No accessories in this shot to make it easier to see the shape of the garment (well, no accessories unless you count the running scars on my knees!).


Worn exactly the same way but over skinny jeans, it transforms into a tunic…

denim jeans bandanna

Tie the fronts together and it’s a shirt…

denim bandanna earrings shirt

…or wear it open like a long jacket.

denim jacket

Do up only the waist buttons and belt it to top a full skirt (or wear it tucked in with a pencil skirt)…

Lao applique skirt denim

… or go totally ’80s with a popped collar! Everything else in this look is from opshops – I found the amazing moulded leather bag first and a few weeks later went back to the same opshop and there was the belt waiting for me, probably wondering why I didn’t pick it up at the same time as the bag. But at least they’re reunited now!

denim dress thrift belt bag bootsIt’s pretty rare for me to buy anything new but I’d been wanting a denim shirt for a while. Ironically, I wanted a really old, soft, worn-in one with lots of character, which this is definitely not. Only one way to fix that – wear it out as often as I can to wear it in!