Every week is National Op Shop Week

As you may or may not know, National Op Shop Week started yesterday.  Not that it makes much difference to me because in my book, every week is op shop week! We all know by know that opshopping is better for the planet and your pocket and it generally also helps a charity or two at the same time. But I have my personal reasons for preferring opshops to buying things new. Here are a few (warning: copious photos ahead!).

Because of this orange coat dress for $14.99 (and the wooden storage cabinet-ty thing on the left for $25).

orange coat dress

Because of these Moschino pants for $10.

Moschino thrift pants

Because of this scarf for $2, wooden clip-ons and raffia serviette rings for a few dollars that I made into earrings, and the numerous hats, batik paintings, dandy monkey-handled shoehorn etc on the wall which were also just a few dollars each.DSC_1849

(Because where else but an opshop are you likely to find a shoehorn with a dandy monkey on it?)


Because of frilly swishy party dresses like this one for $5.

party dress

Because of this gold cutlery set that was only $2 a piece.


Because of the continual source of inspiration they provide to people like me who enjoy making stuff out of crap._DSC4780

Because of this leather coat for about $70 and patent leather boots for $15.

leather coat

Because of all the unique accessories*.

_DSC4773leopard leather handbag clutchtropical necklace scarf_DSC4774

Because of this leather skirt for $29.45 (and animal print knit for I forget how much).


Because of this super-70s crockery…


…and this Scandinavian cardigan for $30 which matches it. scandinavian cardigan

Because you never know what will be in store and you might just get lucky with a fancy cabinet.


Because they are the source of nearly all my batik clothing, including this mermaid-shaped skirt which was $5.lace15

Because I sometimes find really great shoes in them.


Seriously… real leather shoes made in Italy, with a crocodile buckle, for $8. _DSC4776

Because for $20, who wouldn’t want a side table with gold spots and a tail?


Because sometimes you can find the missing part of your outfit that you never knew you were missing, like this pink coat dress for $7 that matches my pants (that I made from opshop material, of course!) perfectly.

pink coat dress Simona

I think that’s enough incentive! Get on down to your local opshop this week (and the next.. and the next..!) and see what treasures you can discover… and let us know in the comments!


*A massive proportion of my wardrobe/accessories collection is from opshops, but for this post, I’ve concentrated on items that I have not altered or mended to show you that it’s possible to use things in the condition they’re sold.