’70s-style secret agent

xbrownleather5As unlikely a career choice as it would be for me, if I were ever to become a secret agent, I have just the right outfit.


A tan leather trenchcoat and black patent leather boots are perfect for listening in on state secrets at ice skating rinks, driving little red sports cars along precipitous mountain roads, eliciting 20 pieces of classified information from double agents before breakfast and … well, doing all those other things that spy types do. In ’70s style.


I found this buttery brown beauty at the Salvos last year for about $70 (yes, big spending for me!) but somehow forgot to post about it at the time. All those top-secret operations (cunningly disguised as opshop missions!) do tend to get in the way of taking selfies for the blog, you know. xxbrownleather2

The biggest secret of all is actually what to do with the crossover panelly kind of thing at the front right of the coat, because it can’t be buttoned to the left side so just flaps around. It’s not even shaped to be able to fit under the left collar so its purpose really is a mystery to me. But for all this perfectly-worn-in leather (how gorgeous is the patina – although I do need to give it a going over with some leather cream to nourish it a bit) I’m willing to put up with a coat design code that even 007 can’t crack.


Yep, when I’m wearing this coat, the name is Bond. Jane Bond.