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Vested Pinterest

Usually, I complete a project before I put it up on the blog, but indecision and mismanagement of time this week has meant I’m still only halfway through rejigging this little jerkin. I bought… Continue reading

Seven ways with a shirt

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week has kicked off and while fashions come and go, denim is always in style. I’ve been meaning to show how versatile a denim shirt can be, and as I wore… Continue reading

Denim DIY

Regular readers of this blog will know I love a good dress-up with the best of them. However, despite what these posts might indicate, I do actually have other things happening in my… Continue reading

Make your jewellery multi-task

Whenever I wear this necklace, people ask me where I got it.  Funnily enough though, I didn’t get this necklace. I actually got this one and a brooch quite separately at flea markets… Continue reading

Autumn – the season for sewing

What season is it in your part of the world? Here in Melbourne the past few days have been more like spring, but as it’s officially very late autumn, I thought I should… Continue reading

A present to you from Tokyo, via Tibet & Tohoku

As most of you lovely regular readers would know, fair trade and other social enterprises really float my boat. So I was thrilled to be able to visit the Shokay showroom while I… Continue reading

Flea market round-up from Tokyo

I’m now in an airport lounge in Cairns, in transit from Tokyo to Melbourne, so I decided to show you part of the reason why my luggage weighs 18 kilos. These are all… Continue reading

Gothicouture in Tokyo

 After a touristy time in Okinawa I’m in Tokyo again and getting stuck into what the metropolis has to offer – today was quite nostalgic as it felt like when I was working… Continue reading

Tokyo Day #4 From Hello Kitty to Celine

Another day, another flea market… or two, as the case may be. Today was a public holiday in Japan (Sports Day or something like that) so there were quite a lot of markets… Continue reading

Tokyo! Day #1

 [So I’m a bit behind with the blogging due to problems with internet access since arriving in Tokyo on Thursday night, but I have also had trouble finding time to post because… well,… Continue reading