Flea market round-up from Tokyo

I’m now in an airport lounge in Cairns, in transit from Tokyo to Melbourne, so I decided to show you part of the reason why my luggage weighs 18 kilos.
These are all finds from the Oi Keibajo flea market, which I visited twice this weekend (after having made my debut there last Monday).
Real leather boots for ¥100. Super comfy. Super happy.

Set of lacquerware coasters with peach design, ¥500. A bit cracked and a bit grotty, but that’s sort of how I like my lacquerware!

 Stacking bento box, ¥300, with earrings I found for ¥100 each, and a hair pin for ¥200.

 This is what it looks like with the lid on. This has to be one of the most perfect designs I have ever seen, although not sure how convenient it would be as a lunch box. For jewellery, though it’s not bad!

 Brand new rattan wedges with leather uppers, made in Italy… and barely worn suede shoes with cork heels… both of these pairs of shoes were ¥500 each! I’m thinking I might do something to the suede ones as this pale buffy shade isn’t really “me”. Ideas?

 Condiment container in the shape of a persimmon, ¥100.

 Gold-dipped shells, (no prizes for guessing what I’m going to make with these) ¥100 per shell.

 Brand new wool dress, ¥500.

Pretty happy with this haul! Now just to find somewhere to put it in my wardrobe when I get back to Melbourne…