One night – three fashion shows

It was day one of Self-stitched September yesterday, but more on that later… it was also day three of Fashion Week so fittingly I attended three – quite different -fashion shows. First up was Neisha, a brand that donates 5% of profits to the artisans in Senegal who create the fabulous material used to make the garments.

As usual, apologies for thebad photos, butyou can probably get the gist of the outfits – dresses, fitted singlet tops withfabric details and tulip skirts and harem pants in bold prints.

Next up was Green is the New Black cocktail party and fashion show, where we got to listen to designers Adele Palmer, her daughter Lane, and Tiffany Treloar (Prue Acton’s daughter) talk about their efforts in greening fashion and see my dresses(among other designers’, of course) being worn on the catwalk but I did not get totake any shots… I’ll try to get some from the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre(who hosted the event) later…

Last but certainly not least was the Designer Series show at Melbourne Town Hall where I got in for free thanks to Franco generously giving me his ticket… lots of beautiful gowns by big designers like Aurelio Costarella:

Lisa Ho (note the live feed on the big screen so everyone could see.. great idea I thought):

Yeojin Bae:


and others... of course it’s not “cool” to gasp and show open admiration of the dresses, but this little girl did not know that… isn’t she sweet (and totally stylish)? I enjoyed watching her reactions more than the actual show…. (probably not “cool” to admit that either!!)

I loved these kimono shoes by Preston Zly in the Akira show but I’ve already been out of action for weeks due to my ankle and I don’t think these would do me any favours!

After the show I was approached by a very charming lady who wanted to know where I got my earrings… as usual they’re from a flea market… you can see a better shot here
Anyway, it turned out that she had commented on my post from the other day, such a coincidence!

Her name is Cecylia and she has a boutique in Armadale which I am going to check out once I catch up on things that I’ve let lapse during this somewhat crazy past week. I also met Jess from What Would Karl Do and caught up with Lady Melbourne, who I’ve been trying to hunt down for a while about a project we’re working on… all will be revealed in due course…

Thanks to Cecylia’s husband Chian for sending me these shots which have now replaced my horrible blurry ones!

Now back to Self-stitched September… this is a shot I took when I just got home last night, it’s actually easier to see the dress in the first shot but I wanted to leave writing about it to the end. The blurry thing next to my right foot is Suki wanting to be in the shot (which explains her presence in the first shot, as if her presence ever needed explaining…)

I made the dress out of kimono, but take a good look at it now, because when I have to wash it, it will probably end up looking totally different. A lot of the dye came out when I did the first wash – in fact what was originally quite distinctive waves of orange, green, and blue are now just faint rainbow-y shades, which I like, but have to accept will not remain like this forever! As you can see, it’s prone to wrinkling… but you get the general idea of what it looks like! (You also get the general idea of how many sewing patterns I have – to my right is about 1/3 of my collection…they are rapidly taking over my bedroom!)