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Scottish Samurai style

In my last post, I showed you a few of my outfits from LMFF and promised I’d give you a closer look at this neckpiece.  It’s a bit hard to tell what exactly… Continue reading

Don’t you know it’s fashion week?

… and that means – ironically, because fashion week is when there’s always something to post about – that I’ll be off air for a little while. I’m blogging for City Weekly and… Continue reading

Mexing it up

So, I’m back. The past week has been full of excitement, but I was brought crashing back to earth on the weekend with a seriously long and tricky translation, the deadline for which… Continue reading

MSFW first days

No, I have no idea why this pic is on its side either. But can you tell what it is?Tip: tilt your head to the left.Yes, it’s a hot air balloon floating over… Continue reading

Lady Grey

How do you decide what to wear to big events? Usually (in Melbourne, at least) the weather has a big say in things and I leave everything to the last minute, but the… Continue reading

One night – three fashion shows

It was day one of Self-stitched September yesterday, but more on that later… it was also day three of Fashion Week so fittingly I attended three – quite different -fashion shows. First up… Continue reading