Lady Grey

How do you decide what to wear to big events? Usually (in Melbourne, at least) the weather has a big say in things and I leave everything to the last minute, but the frenetic pace of fashion week is not going to allow me that luxury. So I went through my wardrobe a bit over the weekend in an effort at being even vaguely organised to put some “new” outfits together. Yes, as much as I dislike the expression*, I “shopped my wardrobe”.

Usually I’m all about colour, but I’ve been wearing this simple grey top to death lately (even though a while ago I never wore it and was going to give it to an op shop!). It works so well with everything, including this chocolatey fringed suede skirt and tan heels which you may remember from a few months ago.

Of course I brought a little bling to the equation too via Inca-ish earrings and woven gold bracelets… all this gold is from markets in Sydney and cost the sum total of $25 (actually, that’s quite a lot for me, but hey, I go crazy when I’m on holiday).

I realised that I don’t often carry bags in my outfit posts, and to be honest it’s unlikely that I’d use this one during the day because it doesn’t hold even a fraction of the crap that I normally need to lug around. But it works with the ’70s lady look, don’t you think?

*for no good reason. Maybe because it’s just expressing what I’ve been doing (and I’m sure you have too) intuitively for years… going through stuff that gets shoved to the back of the cupboard and forgotten about, often on purpose, so that a few months later it’s like finding something brand new. Yes, fooling yourself costs nothing, and it’s fun too! And there’s even a month dedicated to being all tricksy… and I’ve been invited to be one of the stylists for a special event during that month, but more on that later. No good giving you too much excitement in the one hit, is it?