Scottish Samurai style

In my last post, I showed you a few of my outfits from LMFF and promised I’d give you a closer look at this neckpiece. 

It’s a bit hard to tell what exactly it is in this full length shot, so here’s a more detailled photo. Have you got any idea what I made it from? 

 It’s actually a reworking of this neckpiece that I made from a sporran years ago but haven’t worn much. I found a Japanese mask, possibly used in some kind of puppet theatre (but more likely just something to decorate a wall) at an op shop recently and bought it without the faintest idea of how I’d use it. Trying to put together some interesting looks for fashion week, I hit upon the idea of adding it to the sporran neckpiece with some jump rings, and voila! (or should that be dekita! as they say in Japanese when something is complete and they’re happy with the result… not sure what the Scottish equivalent might be?)

Anyway, I love combining random bits and pieces like this! I bet this Japanese puppet warrior face never thought he’d end up side by side with a decoration from a Scotsman’s kilt – although his bristly moustache complements the horsehair tassels perfectly! 


*英語ではjump ringですが、日本語でもそうなのかな?アクセサリーのパーツのことで、小さい輪になっているメタルの物です。二つのパーツを合わせる時に使います。