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Fashion week giveaway #1**

Next week is fashion week in Melbourne, and you know what that means! Well, yes, it means people wearing fabulous (and sometimes fabulously crazy) outfits airkissing each other outside the Town Hall as… Continue reading

MSFW’s new talents

There is always a lot to see at MSFW, and a lot that impresses, but my favourite shows are always the RMIT student showcase and the emerging designer show, which were held on the same… Continue reading

MSFW: Do try this at home #1

Things move so fast in the fashion world that what was hot yesterday is passe by tomorrow. So forgive me for not getting around to posting anything from MSFW until now, but what… Continue reading

From trash to a turban headband

Well known among my friends for never being able to throw anything out, I couldn’t resist when one of them invited me to take on some material that her grandma was getting rid of.… Continue reading

MSFW 2012 begins: Parallel Tensions

Although most of the buzz around fashion weeks tends to be about the catwalk shows, I often find the most exciting things to be seen are at the lesser publicised events. Parallel Tensions… Continue reading

RMIT student showcase

Well, continuing with the theme of out-of-date blog posts, allow me to present you with something that happened last weekend, which, as you would know, is an eternity in the blogging world. Sorry!… Continue reading

Mexing it up

So, I’m back. The past week has been full of excitement, but I was brought crashing back to earth on the weekend with a seriously long and tricky translation, the deadline for which… Continue reading

The dream comes to an end

Fashion Week continues tomorrow, but for me it was the last day I could attend any shows as normal life resumes… ie I have to actually go back to earning a living at… Continue reading

One night – three fashion shows

It was day one of Self-stitched September yesterday, but more on that later… it was also day three of Fashion Week so fittingly I attended three – quite different -fashion shows. First up… Continue reading