MSFW 2012 begins: Parallel Tensions

Although most of the buzz around fashion weeks tends to be about the catwalk shows, I often find the most exciting things to be seen are at the lesser publicised events. Parallel Tensions is a free (YES, FREE) exhibition of emerging designer fashion, put together by stylist Connel Chiang and Moth Design. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening tonight, so I took a few snaps which hopefully will tempt you to visit yourself.

These leaf-print designs are by Oracles:

Black and white classics with a twist (literally) by Raggatt:

 Leather and latex (?) from J.K. Kirk… bit of an update on the corporate necktie!

 Christina Exie‘s designs featured lots of studs and leather:

 This suspended object is actually a dress by Tettmann.Doust (back view):

 I don’t know if you can see it here, but the white foamy material is actually all hand beading overlaid on top of the dress fabric. My eyes are falling out of my head just imagining all the work involved!

Now if this were a magazine article, I’d have to be impartial. But seeing as it’s my own blog, I can do what I like, and tonight I choose to play favourites. I LOVED Jason Hewitt‘s collection. Connel kindly introduced me to Jason, who posed for me in front of his designs, which are displayed in front of a wall that he painted… yes, he’s one of those multi-talented types (he’s just moved in with some friends of mine, I wonder whether his decorating will extend to their walls?)!

 Jason handpaints lengths of material (including silk and cashmere) which he then cuts up and pieces together, kind of randomly. You can see a short-sleeved top and a skirt to the right of this picture.

 Apart from the kind of ethnic/street art vibe of the handpainted pieces in Jason’s collection, I loved his use of sustainable start/end of roll silk. He’s combed and teased it out to make it look like the most delicate fringing or pastel hair you can imagine and used it in his dresses. He makes all these pieces himself, by order only, and seems to think he’ll be able to cope with production even once the (practically guaranteed) tidal wave of demand hits. Dare I say that’s slightly naive…. I mean, look at this!

As usual, my photography doesn’t do justice to the talent gathered at this exhibition. If you’re in Melbourne, get down to fortyfivedownstairs at 45 Flinders Lane and check it out. IT’S FREE and IT’S EXCELLENT and it runs until September 8 so there is PLENTY OF TIME TO GO!!

来週はメルボルンのスプリングファッションウィークですが、ショーに行かなくても、見るものはあります。しかもただです。45 Flinders Laneでこの新しいデザイナーの展覧会がありますが、シティで働いている方はお昼の休憩時間で行ってみるのはいかがですか?9月8日まで行っているので、まだまだ時間がありますよ。是非check it out!