Fashion week giveaway #1**

Next week is fashion week in Melbourne, and you know what that means! Well, yes, it means people wearing fabulous (and sometimes fabulously crazy) outfits airkissing each other outside the Town Hall as they line up to check out the runway shows, but it also means GIVEAWAY TIME.  

ACMI always puts on amazing film program during fashion week and their Great British Fashion on Film series is no exception. They have four films screening for Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, and I have THREE DOUBLE PASSES to give away for one of them. The film is British Style Genius: Breaking the Rules – Fashion Rebel Look and it is screening at ACMI at various times. 

The double passes I am giving away are for the Sunday, 1 September 7.30pm session so if you would like to go, email me at – no gimmicks, it’s plain, old-fashioned “first in best dressed” this time. I will let you know by Saturday afternoon if you have won, and then your tickets will be at the box office before the film starts on Sunday. TOO EASY.    

 British Style Genius: Breaking the Rules – Fashion Rebel Look / Courtesy: BBC Worldwide

Three other films are screening, one of which I am going to tonight (flaunting my media privileges, haha…)… 

 Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer / Courtesy: ARTE, France
I’m sure I will enjoy Paul Smith, Gentleman Designer – I met the man himself in Tokyo, where he has a cult following, and he was a lovely guy who often chatted with the shop staff there. If you’re interested in seeing this one too, the info is here.

 Twiggy: The Face of ’66 / Courtesy: ARTE, France
Hopefully I’ll squeeze in Twiggy: The Face of ’66 too – who wouldn’t want to know more about the model who was such a huge shaker during the Youthquake? Info here if you also want to take a look.

In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye / Courtesy: HBO

Last but not least, and very excitingly, FREE, is In Vogue: The Editor’s Eye – I’m not sure how many of you know I worked for Japanese Vogue for 8 years, so anything Vogue-ish brings back memories! I never actually met Anna Wintour but this promises to be a fascinating insight into her world – and of course that of Vogue. Click on through to find out more, and hopefully I’ll see you at the movies!

**Some of you might have realised that this title of “Giveaway #1” means that there are others to come. You’re right! Watch this space for the next one!