Fashion week giveaway #2

Does your wardrobe look like this? (Avert your eyes if mess offends you)

Yes, I admit it, this is part of my wardrobe, and I know, I know, I should do a BIG clean-up and get more organised. But because I’m so nice, I’m giving that opportunity to YOU, dear readers.
I have a double pass to give away to The Clothing Exchange’s swap for Spring Fashion Week this Thursday, September 5, in Melbourne, so YOU (and a friend!) get to sort through your wardrobes, find up to six items you no longer need (but are still in good condition) and bring them along to exchange for things you will love more. Aren’t I nice? And aren’t clothing swaps like this a FABULOUS idea?

As seems to be the pattern with all my giveaways (simply because I’m too lazy to make you sign up to endless social media platforms and “like” things) all you have to do is email me at and again, it’s first in, best dressed – literally, this time, because the first person to email me will potentially go home from the swap with six AMAZING brand-new-to-you items of clothing, footwear, or accessories! 
So what are you waiting for – get writing now!