Back in batik with Timi Alaere

 As you’d probably have realised by now, I’m a huge fan of the bold prints and colours of traditional textiles from all parts of the world. So when Nigerian-born designer Timi Alaere offered me the chance to try out some pieces from her S/S2013 collection, I was hardly going to refuse! Especially as it’s fashion week here in Melbourne, which is always a good time for testing out new outfits.
Timi kindly sent me a few pieces, but the two which caught my eye were a pencil skirt and fitted jacket, both made from Dutch Hollandaise wax block printed fabric (aka batik). 

I roadtested this outfit yesterday while running around doing exciting things like shopping my heart out at the newly renovated Vinnies store in Ringwood (post coming up!) and renewing my driver’s licence (OK, not quite as exciting) and attending two shows at fashion week (post coming up! Aggh! So many posts to do, so little time!).

The fabric around my waist is part of a kimono. I used the rest to make a skirt, and more recently to line this coat.

Seeing as one of the shows I was going to was the Indigenous Fashion Unearthed show, I decided these gumnut bead necklaces, handpainted by indigenous artists, were the perfect accessory. The seed bead necklace with little pom poms attached in the middle of the photo is by the Akha people. I bought it last time I was in Laos.

It was super windy so my turban (just an old piece of batik fabric) was handy for keeping my hair out of my eyes. But I would have worn it anyway as it somehow gives me some much-needed height as well! 

As you can see, I was enjoying the effect of the bound waist when I tried out another outfit (which I am wearing today).

The scarf around my waist this time is something I made in Laos – handwoven silk (not by me!) dyed with real indigo (kind of by me, but with lots of help)!

I’ll give you a closer look at my earrings soon because they’re also to do with Laos. I love how all these textiles from different places come together so well! 

Click here if you’re interested in seeing more of Timi Alaere’s collection – there’s lots more batik prints where these came from!

プリント、色、そしてエスニック風物が大好きなので、その三つも合わせたバティック生地は私のとって最高!だからナイジェリア出身でメルボルン在住のデザイナー、Timi Alaereのコレクションを発見した時、思わず笑顔になりました。ファッションウィーク中にはいつも新しいコーディネートをトライするので、Timiさんから赤いペンシルスカートと黄色いジャケットを借りて一人でミニファッションショーをしました(しかも自分の庭で 笑)。プリントxプリントは実は今まであまりしてみたことがないけど、色のミックスを見るだけでも嬉しくなっちゃったのでこれからはもっとしてみようと思いました。この偽撮影が終わったらTimiさんがジャケットをくれたので、これからのミックスコーディネートの時にはよくこのジャケットを入れる予定。このジャケット一枚だけでも結構コーディネートの選択が広がりますね!