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Coming to you from the Bangkok Airways lounge

┬áSeeing as I usually travel as cheaply as possible, it’s been a very long time since I’ve even had an in-flight meal (budget carriers obviously don’t give you one unless you pay extra,… Continue reading

"Girl Rising" giveaway

Yep, exactly what this poster says.Basically, we could solve a zillion problems if girls the world over were educated. (I’m sure you know why, but if not, check out this report). While many… Continue reading

Not-quite-hanami at the National Rhododendron Gardens

When I lived in Japan, a highlight of every year was hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. Strolling through parks or picnicking with friends under zillions of pretty pink petals is something like a… Continue reading

Fashion week giveaway #2

Does your wardrobe look like this? (Avert your eyes if mess offends you) Yes, I admit it, this is part of my wardrobe, and I know, I know, I should do a BIG… Continue reading

DIY – stick with it!

This would have to be the easiest and cheapest (ie free) DIY ever. But for those of you who like instructions, here’s the how-to.1. Go into your backyard, or somewhere where there are… Continue reading

GIVEAWAY Fair@Square fashion show double pass!

Who’d like two free tickets to a fashion show? I’m sure you all would, but this one is only for Melburnians (although if you’re willing to fly to Fed Square on December 2,… Continue reading

Hoarding with a twist

Recently my workmate handed me a copy of this article about hoarding to make fun of my habit of keeping just about everything (I set myself up for it, really, with this recent… Continue reading

L’Heure du The

As you would all know, I love dressing up. I also love eating. Especially fancy cakes and such, and especially when it’s for a good cause.So I was delighted to attend National Breast… Continue reading