Coming to you from the Bangkok Airways lounge

 Seeing as I usually travel as cheaply as possible, it’s been a very long time since I’ve even had an in-flight meal (budget carriers obviously don’t give you one unless you pay extra, and why would you normally pay for airline food?). However, when I got to Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok today for my flight to Vientiane, I had the pleasant surprise of free access to the Bangkok Airways lounge, and all that it entails, aka FREE internet, comfy chairs and relative peace and quiet, and of course FREE FOOD. I didn’t want to scare the other guests too much by taking copious shots but I did capture these little bundles of joy…

Steamed rice and banana in lotus leaves (? or maybe banana leaves?).
Whatever – they were YUM.

The lounge has presented me with a dilemma I rarely face when at an airport – working out whether I really can eat fresh popcorn for breakfast, especially as I’ll be boarding the flight to Vientiane soon and I actually will get breakfast on board! Kind of weird getting all this stuff, as the flight was super cheap!  

If the breakfast is as good as the Bangkok Airways service has been so far, I get the feeling I should save room… 
Oh, and this is in no way a sponsored post, I was just very impressed with Bangkok Airways and thought I’d share it (plus I couldn’t let the free internet offer go wasted, haha…). Next stop Vientiane!

この数年、どこへ飛んでも、激安航空会社を利用しているので、機内食でさえも出ないことになれてきました。だから今日、バンコックのSuvarnabhumi空港でラオスの首都ビエンチャンへのBangkok Airwaysフライトを待っている間、「ラウンジをどうぞ、ご利用ください」と言われて結構びっくりしました。VIPでもないけど、本当にいいの?って気分で入ってみたら、スナック(ポップコーンや小さいケーキ、おやつ、お茶、コーヒーなど)やただのWiFi、そしてパソコンも全部おいてありました!しかも、チケットもビエンチャンへ飛ぶ航空会社の中で一番安かったから、なおさらすごいと思いました。しかもしかも、バッジェット便と違って、チェックイン荷物も無料だし、機内食も出ます。これはBangkok Airwaysの広告になっているとかなんでもないけど、ただ、かなりナイス!と思っただけです。アジアで旅しているなら本当にお勧めです!