"Girl Rising" giveaway

Yep, exactly what this poster says.
Basically, we could solve a zillion problems if girls the world over were educated. (I’m sure you know why, but if not, check out this report).

While many of us in the western world whinge about having to go to school and ACTUALLY IMPROVE OUR MINDS, education – for girls AND boys – is most definitely not something we should take for granted. Think about how different your life would be if you couldn’t read (for one thing, you would have to try and guess what this blog was about by just looking at the pictures, and I’m sure that would be the very least of your worries). It’s a pretty horrible thought, isn’t it, but it’s reality for many girls and women in developing countries. 

This Friday it’s time to turn our thoughts to our counterparts in those nations – it’s International Day of the Girl, and to celebrate, The Global Women’s Project is screening Girl Rising, a film featuring the inspirational stories of nine girls from nine countries where education for females is not necessarily a given. 

While I’m not usually one to go on about being grateful for what you’ve got (it’s not for nothing that some people refer to me as Grumpy Cat!), I think this movie will really help us appreciate how lucky we are – I can’t wait to see it and I’d like you (and a friend) to join me. In other words, I have a double pass to give away

The screening is this Friday, October 11 at 6.30pm at Cinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne, so if you and a plus-one can make it and would like to see it for free, please email me at fourthdaughter@gmail.com by 11.59pm Melbourne time on Wednesday, October 9
This time, rather than just giving it to the first person to email, I’d like to know what particular aspect of your education you appreciate most. Was it learning trigonometry? School camps? Reading hundreds of books for the MS Readathon when your sponsors only thought you’d read a few and then making them pay up? Conducting crazy science experiments? Or was it watching boys running around athletics tracks while training? (hint: two of those are my own educational highlights, but I’m not telling which two!) 
The most inspiring (or hilarious??!) answer will win the giveaway, but I’ll collate your answers and publish them on my blog like a big group gratitude session (just slightly inspired by Lady Melbourne!). Looking forward to hearing from all you girls!

今週10月11日金曜日は国際女の子の日(International Day of the Girl)で、その祝いで途上国9カ国から9人の女の子の教育ストーリーが話題の映画、Girl RisingThe Global Women’s Projectの提供で上映されます。場所はCinema Nova, 380 Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourneで、時間は6.30pmです。ダブルパス一枚のほしい方は10月9日水曜日の11.59pmまでに自分の「学校に行けてよかった!」ストーリー*をメールで教えて下さい(日本語も英語も、どちらでもOK)。メールアドレスはfourthdaughter@gmail.comです。当たった方はまたメールでご連絡します。