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"Girl Rising" giveaway

Yep, exactly what this poster says.Basically, we could solve a zillion problems if girls the world over were educated. (I’m sure you know why, but if not, check out this report). While many… Continue reading

Your most important DIY project is you!

Although I’ve seen The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles about a gazillion times, Pretty in Pink has never been one of my favourite John Hughes films. In fact, I’d only seen it once… Continue reading

Hollywood Costume at ACMI

Looking for an escape on a cold winter’s day in Melbourne? (This green dress from Atonement isn’t exactly appropriate for chilly weather, but it certainly is gorgeous!) Well, you could go to a… Continue reading

Fashion on Film

 AGGGH! It’s SO HOT here in Melbourne! It seems like weeks since the daytime temperature dipped under 30 degrees and it’s set to continue for a few days yet. If you’re sick of… Continue reading