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Fashion week giveaway #1**

Next week is fashion week in Melbourne, and you know what that means! Well, yes, it means people wearing fabulous (and sometimes fabulously crazy) outfits airkissing each other outside the Town Hall as… Continue reading

RIP Vogue Nippon’s Yuki Matsuyama

Last Friday I had some very sad news from some of my former colleagues at Vogue Nippon. Yuki Matsuyama, the accessories director, had died the day before from cancer. She’d been in hospital… Continue reading

Vogue Girl Japan No.1 – out now!

I can’t remember if I mentioned it, but not long ago I was part of the two-person team which translated Vogue Girl Japan’s iPhone app into English. Anyway, the app is out now,… Continue reading

Brunch with Sarah Mower!

Well, it could have been if I were at Fashion Week in Paris. If you know who Sarah Mower is, you may be wondering how I got such a coveted invitation. The answer… Continue reading

Cheapest dress EVER

OK people, place your bets, how low do you think I can go? 100 yen – about $1AUD – sound about right to you? That’s how much I paid for this dress at… Continue reading

Yes, we scan

I bought a scanner in about November last year, at about the same time that I decided I needed a website (the less said about that at the moment, the better.. stoopid technology!).I… Continue reading