Cheapest dress EVER

OK people, place your bets, how low do you think I can go? 100 yen – about $1AUD – sound about right to you? That’s how much I paid for this dress at my local op shop when I was living in Tokyo a few years ago. Admittedly I did have to fiddle with it a bit – we’d just shot some Russian fashion feature at work and had some ribbon left over which I promptly purloined (great word!) and used as a trim around the hem and to decorate the yoke.

I also added the red cord ties at the neckline, which you can see a bit better here, along with the brooch I attached to a chain to wear as a necklace and some earrings that cost $2 in Turkey.

Oh, and I’m also wearing the dress back to front, having shortened it a bit, and removed the shoulder pads. Hmm, in fact quite a bit of fiddling. But fiddling and I get on like a house on fire.
The bangles? The big fat one (that’s not rude to the bangle, it IS big and fat!) was 50 yen at a flea market, the chain and baubly one in the middle was given to me by the now editor in chief at Vogue Nippon as she was tired of it (her loss!) and the red ones are made of glass and were a present from a lovely friend. I really just did this close up shot to show off the beautiful camellias.

Notice the way my dog perfectly matches this outfit… I’m all about my pets not clashing with my clothes!

So what’s the cheapest garment you’ve ever bought? I’ve asked a similar question before and I’ll no doubt ask it again because I’m just so kechi! (that’s tight-arse in Japanese!)
And anyway, who doesn’t like showing off to others about how little they spent on something fabulous??