Yes, we scan

I bought a scanner in about November last year, at about the same time that I decided I needed a website (the less said about that at the moment, the better.. stoopid technology!).
I was going to need the scann
er so that I could scan and upload onto my website all the magazine work I’ve done and of course am GOING to do in the future when I am a really famous.. um.. well anyway I just know I’ll need it. And it’s black and shiny and professional looking, and can do faxing and photocopying as well (although as my mum pointed out, it can’t yet vacuum the house, so it’s not that useful. Whether an appliance can vacuum the house is how my mother measures the appliance’s usefulness). Who knows why I was in such a rush to buy the thing though, because until today that very same scanner has sat in a box in my room, unopened and useless except as something for Suki to rub her head on (which, admittedly, she has enjoyed, so it looks like my $300 has paid for itself already).
Anyway, the scanner has finally seen the light of day and is sitting next to me enjoyin
g its freedom as I type.

I haven’t actually scanned anything on my new toy yet, but here’s some stuff I prepared earlier thanks to a scanner at a very patient relative’s place… both pages from Vogue Nippon from many years ago. I am going to be ALL OVER SCANNING in the very near future. I also worked out how to crop photos on the computer yesterday so all in all it’s been quite an educational week. In fact I’m slightly worried about my brain overheating with all the work it’s been doing.