MSFW: Do try this at home #1

Things move so fast in the fashion world that what was hot yesterday is passe by tomorrow. So forgive me for not getting around to posting anything from MSFW until now, but what with late nights and early starts throughout the week, I just didn’t have time for updating this blog… although I did manage to do a few posts for City Weekly magazine. If you’re interested, you can click here for trends, here for men in lace underwear (yes, you read correctly) and here for a wrap up of the last show.
And now for a few ideas that were hot at the shows and most likely will be for the rest of the season, but just in case you want to try before you buy, here are my tips…

1. I saw little bolero tops at a few labels including a brocade version at Toni Maticevski… 

 You could test whether this look is for you by cutting an old, tight cardigan down to bolero size and edging it using bias binding or simply folding the raw edge in to the wrong side. Try the cardigan on in front of the mirror and draw the cutting lines in a centimetre or so larger than you intend to make it using a fabric marker. That way, when you cut the bolero out, you don’t have to get rid of pen lines.

2. Retail store Christine carries some fabulous pieces including lots of fringed scarves…

If you have a scarf, some pale fringing and some dye, I’m sure you can work out how you could give this look a go, although it could be a bit tricky to get looking quite so perfect as this.

3. The audience at Aurelio Costarella went crazy for these headpieces, which seem to be largely made from raffia pom poms – definitely something to have a go at (the gorgeous gowns are not quite so DIY-able)!

4. Michael Lo Sordo showed dresses and skirts with what looked like box pleats but turned out to be lots of narrow, floating panels… kind of like super-sized fringing, I suppose. If you have an old dress with a medium-full skirt you could try cutting into it to get this effect (don’t forget to wear something underneath!). Or add strips of ribbon at the waistband of a skirt/dress, in the same colours or contrasting shades.   

5. Ellery showed a new style of colour blocking… this one could be tricky to do as the tailoring would have to be pretty good, but if you’re a keen sewer you could probably work out how to refashion a tired blazer or add punch to a pair of old pants.

6. If you ever learnt martial arts and have an old belt floating around, why not take a leaf out of Lui Hon’s style book and wear it like this?

7. It looks like he’s a bit of a black belt when it comes to fringing – what a great way to add interest to a loose singlet top or jazz up some boring 3/4 length pants!

1. ボレロは、小さすぎるカーディガンを切って、バイアスバインディングまたはスティッチできれいに完成する。
3. ラフィアのポンポンをヘアバンドに付ければどんなルックスでもとても印象的に。
4. 古いワンピースやスカートのウィーストのところにリボンを何本かつけるか、スカートの生地実体を切って、オーバサイズのフリンジ効果を手がける。