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Treasures from my travels

I’m back! But my computer problems haven’t magically fixed themselves while I was away, so instead of the copious photos of exotic locales (aka my happy snaps from Laos and Burma), here’s just… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress – Yao jacket

As you might have realised by now, I’m a big fan of ethnic textiles, embroidery and handicrafts – especially crafts that you can actually wear. The problem is, even if a garment is… Continue reading

MSFW: Do try this at home #1

Things move so fast in the fashion world that what was hot yesterday is passe by tomorrow. So forgive me for not getting around to posting anything from MSFW until now, but what… Continue reading

Girlz in the ‘hood

Just last week I was swanning around in shorts, but the weather today makes me want to dive back under the doona. It’s not always practical to carry your doona around with you,… Continue reading

New Kid on the Blog

Consider yourself warned. There will be more bad wordplays with ’80s references masquerading as titles for my posts. And sometimes I might even sneak them into the posts themselves! I’m tricky that way!Now… Continue reading