Treasures from my travels

I’m back! But my computer problems haven’t magically fixed themselves while I was away, so instead of the copious photos of exotic locales (aka my happy snaps from Laos and Burma), here’s just a few shots of what I brought back (some of which you might have already seen on Instagram, seeing as I couldn’t resist sharing!).

An aluminium version of a traditional Hmong necklace – bought for less than $10 at the Talat Sao in Vientiane. A real one would be made of silver, would weigh about 2kg and would cost a fortune, so I’m fine with this “fake”.   

Little lacquerware owls from the airport when I was leaving Yangon (their heads are the lids!). 

We found some fabulous stuff at the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon, decided to just browse and come back later to do our real shopping, and then got a massive shock the next day when the market was CLOSED for Diwali. Yes, CLOSED. Seeing as I was only there with my boyfriend for two days, that meant NO SHOPPING AT THE MARKET. Aggh! Thank goodness for the airport, which, unlike most airports, actually had a not-too-bad selection of tempting handicrafts for normal retail prices.  
Obviously Grumpy Cat is big in Yangon, hehe…

I had a very flying visit to Bangkok and ran around the Chatuchak markets for a few hours. There was a lot of fabulous stuff out there but I restrained myself and came out with just this backpack, not exactly high fashion but then again, nor are any of my outfits. The textiles it’s resting on are from the Talat Sao, I’m getting to be such a regular visitor to his stall that the owner called me his friend when I visited!

This lacquerware container was also from Yangon airport. The colour!!!

I found this pumpkin-shaped lacquerware container at Green Elephant when we rushed there in a panic after finding the market shut… (MUST… BUY… STUFF…hehe)…  

The stem was broken off while it was in my luggage but that’s nothing a bit of superglue won’t fix. 

More of that gorgeous green lacquerware from Yangon – bangles and a betelnut container which I will most likely use for storing jewellery (just like every container I ever buy, haha).

Lacquerware container from the Green Elephant, made irresistible by the fact it’s full of compartments and perfect for storing earrings… or nibbly bits of chocolate…

Little hat with embroidery from the Talat Sao, probably by the Yao people. It’s a bit small so I’ll have to add an insert at the back but I couldn’t resist the pink pom poms!

Another piece of lacquerware from the Green Elephant… this colour always reminds me of Japan.

One of the pieces of weaving I got from the Talat Sao… 

And last, but not least, this portable stack of lacquerware containers, from Augustine’s in Yangon. Definitely worth a visit if you are after Asian antiques – the place is like a museum! 

 Augustine himself served us and convinced me (not that I needed much convincing) to part with $80 for this piece, which he said was from about the 1930s-40s. There’s lots of lovely detail of courtiers going about their business on each level of the stack.

The lid has an inscription in Burmese, which hopefully doesn’t say “made in China in 2013”, haha… if anyone out there can read it, please let me know! I’ll be back with more holiday happy snaps soon, if I can work out my computer glitch…

ただいま〜 ラオスとミャンマーから帰ってきましたよ〜 景色とか観光スポットは今度アップする予定ですが、今日は購入した物をお見せしたいと思います。ラオスではTalat Saoというショッピングセンターでいろんな生地やモング族のちょっと偽物ネクレスを買っちゃいました。偽物と言っても、デザイン実体は本物のそっくりですが、本物でしたら銀などでできているため、軽くても2キログラムだし、お値段も予算外!でもこのアルミバージョンのために¥1000も出しませんでした。お店の方によると、デザインが伝統的だから今の若者には古く見えるけど、私はこういう物が大好き!