The green goddess and me

You know how I said I had hot chocolate with my friend the other day…? You’re probably thinking, what can get better than hot chocolate… and this one had ANISEED and CINNAMON in it, yes, sounds yuk, but was DELICIOUS… it was at San Churro if you’re interested… and as if you wouldn’t be… anyway where was I? Oh yes. Something better than hot chocolate. Well it turns out that my friend had spotted my blog address in a listing at the back of this lovely little book!

It was a mystery to me how it ended up there until I opened the book and noticed that Jenny Leach, the lovely lady from The Balm, had a hand in it… so a big thank you to Jenny, it’s such an honour and I’m happy that all my crafty (and tight-arsed) ways have not gone unnoticed.
Speaking of crafty, thrifty ways, here’s what I wore to go out for dinner tonight…

I made this green jacket ages ago and have several versions of the pattern in my wardrobe which you can see here and here. Short necklace from the Salvos and long gold chain from a flea market in Tokyo I think… probably a few dollars each. My jeans were free because when I worked in the fashion industry I scored lots of free stuff! And grey top was $9 on sale at Gap in Tokyo, which I admit is not particularly green, but no one’s perfect, not even me (although I’m sure that comes as a surprise, haha).

Most of my stuff is from op shops* or I made it from scratch, so the occasional lapse is excusable, right? Even my cat Suki was second hand – she came from an animal shelter!

I know I said I’d try to do better photos than these horrible dark and uncreative ones… I promise next week I’ll get on to that!

*I just added up my receipts from op shopping for the financial year just gone and they came to about $350. So although of course I must have bought things at other shops (I can only remember bathers though?), I reckon that means I spend only about $1 a day on clothing/accessories/shoes. How about you, how much do you spend each year on keeping yourself looking nice?