Future op-tions

Although Self-stitched September is the ideal opportunity to showcase (read: show off) stuff I’ve made, the combination of crappy weather, being either too busy to actually get photos of my outfits or housebound and therefore not wearing anything worth photographing has meant that my documenting lately has been less than perfect. I’ve decided to get ahead of myself and post about these two op-shopped items which I will do something with in the future… when I get around to it… which could be in 18 years’ time

I bought this old-lady top at Vinnies for $5 and am not really sure how I’m going to fix it up, but shawl collars are really not my thing and these sleeves do nothing for me (or anyone!) so they will definitely have to go. I just loved the colours, although this tends to be my downfall as I really have to be in the right mood to wear something that swims so much against the tide of the Black Sea (otherwise known as Melbourne).
I love the colour of this men’s jumper too which I got brand new at Uniting Care for $6. I’m hoping I can take it in at the sides to turn it into a Stella McCartney-like sweater dress …not that I can remember when she last did a sweater dress but I’m sure she had something in this shape in her collections not too long ago. Or maybe I dreamt it… meh, same diff.