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Zero-waste (and nearly zero-waist) dress

You might have seen this photo last week if you follow me on Instagram, but I thought I’d share it here because it makes a nice change from my usual selfies in front of… Continue reading

From cover-up to mini-caftan

Whether we like it or not, work tends to have a major influence on how we dress. But it wasn’t my part-time office gig that inspired today’s DIY – rather, it was a story my editor there… Continue reading

1930s Commercial Art

For most people, weekends are a chance to relax and get out of office wear. But at a “superheroes and villains” costume party I went to on the weekend, I dressed in an… Continue reading

Colour & crochet

A little while ago (well, fine, if you want to be picky, it was more than a year ago) I bought yet another not-quite-right garment at an op shop. Like a simple-minded bird,… Continue reading

Frida Kahlo had a monkey…

… and I have a cat. But our outfits are kind of similar. Well, at least I think so. (photo from here) I bought this skirt made from Thai silk about two years… Continue reading

Reasons to be cheerful

Just a quick wrap up of what’s made me smile this week. Vintage earrings for a few dollars each, from Oakleigh Market last Sunday. I only found out about the market very recently… Continue reading

Reddy to take on the world

When work makes you feel like this, you know it’s time to get some colour back into your life (yes, more gratuitous use of cute cat pics to illustrate a tenuous link to… Continue reading

Fashion week #3

So, thanks to my own laziness last week and then Blogger deciding to crash, this post is even more outdated than I planned, but better late than never, right?The weather was bright and… Continue reading

Future op-tions

Although Self-stitched September is the ideal opportunity to showcase (read: show off) stuff I’ve made, the combination of crappy weather, being either too busy to actually get photos of my outfits or housebound… Continue reading