Fashion week #3

So, thanks to my own laziness last week and then Blogger deciding to crash, this post is even more outdated than I planned, but better late than never, right?

The weather was bright and sunny (again! so lucky) for the final day of Fashion Week, something that seems like a distant memory now I’m back in drizzletown AKA Melbourne.
I never would have thought it, but one of my favourite shows for
the week was the Ms Couture show, which was a lingerie collection.

Warning – it might be better not to look at this at work, just in case someone thinks you’re a dirty perve! Even though it’s all extremely classy and beautiful, like this.

I’m not a fan of pastels, usually, but they were perfect for this collection.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but I think that the reason this all came across as so sophisticated and pretty is that even though there was a lot of embellishment, most things were in one colour rather than being festooned with frills or lace of a different shade.

This was my favourite look – even though I would never wear pale primrose yellow personally as it does nothing for my half-Asian skin tone. Although this model looks amazing in it, and she seems to be of oriental extraction… there were several amazing Asian models in the shows which I was happy to see, as modelling and the fashion industry in general in Australia doesn’t really reflect how multicultural our society actually is.

OK, I’m off my soapbox now, so you can just enjoy the pictures! I loved the embellishment on the front and back yokes of this gown, and the swishiness of it (yes, of course that’s a word! Well, it is now that I’ve made it up).

I’d love to swan around in a boudoir wearing this sort of thing, when I eventually have a boudoir, and when it’s not the middle of winter, of course. And when I have a spare $6000, which is what Elaine told me one corset from this collection would cost! She was standing next to me giving the inside goss as you can see from her great big chunky rings taking up half this shot!

Don’t all the models look perfect here? Not a G-string or red-and-black satin combo in sight. Just sweet, sherbetty shades and prettiness.

The Poppy Lissiman show was my other favourite for the day (well, of the shows I was actually able to get shots of). Her collection featured clashing colours and TASSELLED EARRINGS which are definitely my type of thing.

I loved this mermaid skirt with its digital print of a deep sea scene.

And I definitely want more red in my life!

Or perhaps shocking pink??

Genesis is a blogger who would vote for the shocking pink, to go by the colour of his jumper. But even that shocking shade is overshadowed by the studs on his collar. (Does this idea scream “DIY idea!!” to you as much as it did to me?) By the way, if you want to see much better shots of the lingerie show, go to Genesis’ blogpost.

Here is another blogger I got to meet – Mez, the friendly lady from Fashion Fazer. As you can see, she’s a girl after my own heart when it comes to the big earrings!

Here she is with Margaret from Shine by Three (who is a first year uni student and had just styled the Paper Skye show when I took this shot…. all kinds of amazingness going on there) and another lady whose name I unfortunately did not catch (oops!).

And last, but certainly not least, the ladies who made RAFW so much fun for me – Cheryl from Business Chic and Lou, whose many roles include being one of my colleagues at Peppermint. Thanks for the memories!!