RAFW – wrapping up a packed week

OK, so I know that at some stage I have to stop blathering on about Sydney and Fashion Week, but having been blessed with photos like these from the amazing Cheryl, I feel another post is justified. (You have to admit, these pics make a nice change from my abysmal efforts!)
I noticed some of you have already commented on her post that featured these photos – the blogging world is so small sometimes!

It’s been a little while since I did an in-depth outfit post, so these photos come at a good time.
What I’m wearing:
Green jacket – I made it (you can see more that I made using the same pattern here)
Batik T-shirt – it was about $3 at an op shop, I changed the sleeves slightly.
Skirt – $2.50 from Savers
Sandals – unusually for me, bought new from Wittner’s outlet store at the DFO in South Wharf for $10 or so??
Bag – leather, from the Salvos on the “op shop tour” I did recently, $10

…. and now we come to the accessories (my favourite part, of course)

Earrings – I used clip-ons and added a bit to them (more detail here)
Necklaces – tiger’s eye strands from India which were $3 or so each (I made a long strand by joining shorter strands together with the clasps) and metalwork necklace, $2 from Savers
Ring – $5 from a market
Black slave bracelet – I made it (see here)
Black leather bangles with gold bits – Givenchy, but they were given as a novelty at a press event when I worked at Vogue. The editor didn’t want his and gave it to me, so I have two. Yay!

Tassels on my bag – maybe $2 or so each, from Laos (more about tassels and my trip here). They’ve been sitting in a drawer since I got back, as I wasn’t really sure what to do with them, but I think they look perfect on this bag! A guy from Grazia magazine even came up and took shots of them (I don’t think they got used in the magazine though).

Even though I normally wouldn’t be so prepared, the combination of a cheap hand-luggage-only fare on Jetstar and wanting to know in advance whether my outfits for each day would meet the skyhigh standards of the international fashion pack meant that I had to be very organised when I packed for Sydney.
So much so that I had each day’s look worked out in advance, right down to the accessories. That NEVER happens when I’m at home – the Melbourne weather’s too unpredictable, for one reason, and where’s the fun in working out what you’re going to wear days in advance? Plus, no fashionista worth her salt would admit to anything like that. It’s the unwritten rule that every outfit has to have been “just thrown on” at the last minute, if anyone asks. But I’m thinking that it might be a good idea to plan more, even when I’m not going anywhere, because it means I have a bit more time to be creative with my look. I would never have put these prints together normally but I was quite happy with the result.

Of course, I’d be more motivated to do the planning ahead thing if I actually had somewhere to wear interesting outfits, now that I’m back in cold, hard, fashion-free reality…
But at least I can fantasise about my next getaway – have you got any packing tips for me?