If it’s your birthday and you know it…

… raise your paw.

That’s right, it’s my birthday, so my mum let me do a special post all on my own! I’m 19 today, so I haven’t got any wild parties planned, but I might have a quiet drink to celebrate.

And I am definitely not going to do any work. That will just have to wait. I’m sure the office can survive without me for one day.

I don’t want to get overexcited on my big day, so I’ll probably have a nap from about 7am to 12pm, then another little one from 12:15pm to 5pm, and I might just squeeze another few in between 5:15pm and 6:30am the next day. If it’s a nice day I’ll try to schedule in some sunbaking too.

And of course there’s always the personal grooming to fit in. I never trust salons so I always end up taking care of things myself, even though it’s harder to get my pedicure dry at home and it means I have to sit around like this.

I really have a lot of important things to do but I always have to make sure that I leave plenty of fur on mum’s dressing gown, which she made when I was just a kitten. I use it more than she does, although she wears it sometimes if I don’t need it and thinks that it belongs to her. Same with my bed. Even though I use it the most, she likes to share it with me at night and even calls it hers. Just because it’s human-sized. I know it’s really mine though. Isn’t there an expression about possession being nine tenths of the law or something?

Mum will probably insist on celebratory cuddles too, so I’ll pretend to enjoy them for her sake. After all, it’s her birthday too.