MMM catchup

How’s your Me-Made-March going? I’m flying by the seat of my pants some days… or more accurately, the lobes of my ears, because many of my outfits only seem to feature earrings for the Me-Made component. (Of course I wear crappy Me-Made stay-at-home clothes like trackpants, dressing gown, windcheater and running shorts every day, but I’m talking about my leaving-the-house outfits.)
Take this outfit for example, which I wore to a friend’s place for a Mary Poppins-fest*… I bought this skirt** at Savers for a few dollars and got the T-shirt in Japan, so neither of those are Me-Made (although I did Muck Around with t
he T-shirt because it was A-line and I took in to make it normal). The only Me-Made items are these earrings.

What’s that you say? You’re having trouble seeing them and I make a crappy earring model? Is this better?

Suki’s too beautiful and you can’t concentrate on the earrings, you say? I thought you might. Fine, here’s a boring more detailed shot. They’re clip-ons, and all I did was loop some cord (which used to be lacing in a top I remade) over the clasps, thread a big wooden bead on, and tie a knot to secure them. Too easy!

Today I got to leave the house to find out m
ore about an interpreting job I’m doing next week, but didn’t bother getting a full length shot as the only MMM part was these earrings…

Like the others, they’re just clip-ons with a bit dangling from the clasp at the back.

But these are even simpler because the attached bits are actually earrings for pierced ears. (My sister got those bits in Laos, I got the clip-ons for $1 at Vinnies).
All I did is to hook the earring hook over the clasp, like so….

Can I even count that as Me-Made??? Or even Me-Mucked-Around-With?? While you ponder that, here they are again, with the shoes I wore today… which are not looking so good now, but that’s because I’ve worn them so often. They were a whole 100 yen ($1) at a flea market in Japan about 8 years ago!!

*EXACTLY what it indicates ie sitting around watching Mary Poppins. Not a euphemism for a wild orgy!! Although we did consume a great deal of delicious trifle.

**I have just been informed that just after I left, my friend’s 4-year-old son said “I want to go to the country where Leeyong bought her skirt from!”… flattering indeed, but unfortunately for him I got it in Dandenong, hardly the exotic locale he was probably imagining.