Melting moments

For some people, reckless behaviour might include jet-skiing through shark infested waters, or parachuting over a field of prickle bushes. Admittedly, those activities are somewhat reckless, but not so out and out insane as using an iron on a nylon garment that you love. Especially after years of sewing experience has taught you that this idea is akin to dancing with the devil in the pale moonlight*. I know, I’m waffling. What I’m getting at is that this dress did not always look like it does now.

In fact, when I bought it at Savers about 7 years ago, it was a long sleeved, long dress, most likely worn by a lady who was at least a few years older than myself. I ruched up the hem to make it blouse-length, but then one day about a year ago, stupidly, STUPIDLY decided it was wrinkly and started ironing the sleeve, which (surprise, surprise!) promptly melted. So it sat around until my genius kicked in and I decided to cut off the sleeves all together, take off some hem and turn it into a mini dress. And voila!

The melted mini is perfect for stinking summer days, which meant it was just right to wear last Friday when it was seriously hot and sticky here. I’m wearing it with the shoes I reworked and these earrings (which I made by hooking bangles over the back of the clasps of clip-on earrings). So that’s an entire Me-Mucked-Around-With outfit!!

Speaking of me-made marvellousness, check out this macrame necklace. If there were a prize for Me-Made-Macrame, this lady should WIN.

I plan to copy this idea shamelessly as soon as I have time. Which of course, if I were not swanning around at fashion events (or, more accurately, swamped with translation work), would be mine in abundance.
These shots were from The Dressing Room’s GPO store preview of ranges by Bento and Dhalia, two new Melbourne brands to keep an eye on!

These are teaser shots from the Dahlia range… they do accessories AND clothes (I know, I know… TASSELS…)…

…and WHIP STITCHING (which you probably can’t really see, sorry)

I was in a bit of a rush so didn’t actually try anything on (plus I did not want to sweat a
ll over everything… eww!).
But here’s Bento creative director Sam in her designs (necklace is from Topshop though).

Gorgeous, yes? Now if that’s not incentive to check out these brands, I don’t know what is!

*Know where that song lyric’s from? No? Think about it and comment if it’s driving you crazy, and I’ll put you out of your misery.