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Is Fashion Sustainable?

This week has been all about feeding off other bloggers’ posts instead of writing my own, and when you’re on a roll (or incredibly lazy), why change things? Last night I went to… Continue reading

Melting moments

For some people, reckless behaviour might include jet-skiing through shark infested waters, or parachuting over a field of prickle bushes. Admittedly, those activities are somewhat reckless, but not so out and out insane… Continue reading

La Terra and Social Studio’s fashion show

It’s another hectic week here in the Wilderness. The freelance fairy managed to find her way here again, so I’m now working on a project for another iPhone app, somewhat ironically seeing as… Continue reading

Cheapest dress EVER #3

Yes, it’s time to brag about not spending money again, but this post also coincides with Me-Made-March* (click here if you’re not taking part and have no idea what I’m on about). As… Continue reading

Join me for Me-Made-March?

I’m doing this – are you? I also participated in Self-stitched September, also run by So, Zo, so if you want to see what I got up to there, go back to my… Continue reading