La Terra and Social Studio’s fashion show

It’s another hectic week here in the Wilderness. The freelance fairy managed to find her way here again, so I’m now working on a project for another iPhone app, somewhat ironically seeing as I do not possess an iPhone myself. Do you have one? Do you have a favourite app? What does it do? Anyway, enough about you. I made it out of the house two days in a row this week, so it’s all about me again. Here’s what I wore yesterday to a fashion show in Collingwood.

Not the best shot of me, but then not the best subject for poor Jess who I roped in as my photographer. I had a rather successful day at the op shops on Monday (click here to see my haul) and this skirt is one of the things I bought – $2.50 at Savers! You can’t really tell but it is VERY tight. I got a surprise when I was trying it on because I realised I actually have a butt. You know how your butt’s behind you and you don’t really see it that often? I was always under the impression that mine was pretty flat, seeing as I’m half Asian and they are not known for having sticking-out bottoms. However, this is certainly not the case, at least not in this skirt. It will be a while (possibly forever) until I am sufficiently reconciled with how sticky-outy my butt looks in this skirt to actually show it off, so for the time being I covered it up with this Thai tie-dye mini dress (about $9 at a young designers’ market in Bangkok). The Me-Made-March component of this outfit is all in the accessories… click if you want to see how I made the earrings, neck decoration thing and shoes.

After Jess’ traumatic experience having to take my photo, we were all ready to rock up to The Social Studio’s fashion show, but we were still a bit early, so went off for a bit of a chat at anywhere that was open on Johnston Street. We stumbled on La Terra (cnr Johnston and Campbell streets) and it was like entering another world.
A world where Italian and Vietnamese food are on the same menu and lassis are made out of avocado and mango with no yogurt (mainly because they had no more yogurt, but I’m sure the owner would make one for you specially if you asked nicely!). 
We loved all the STUFF everywhere (just like an op shop!) and the sweet owner who was happy to chat. You can just see him in the background here, behind the bicycle.
Relaxing over, we made our way to the fashion show at an underground car park that is now a venue for all sorts of events. I loved how the runway was set up, very simple, with a string of fairy lights suspended from the ceiling to mark the centre of the catwalk, and with strings on the floor too, interspersed with moss and leaves and big jars of flowers.
I used to work at The Social Studio for a little while, so it’s always great to see how well they’re doing. This well!! Yay!
Of course I wish I had better photos for you, but you get the general idea. The amazing jewellery was a highlight, check out the shell shoulder accessories…
… and this cool neckpiece…

… and the huge earrings on the girl at the front of the finale conga line!

They’re all by Mana Couture, a brand by a Samoan designer which I might just have to keep my eye on. I do love my big accessories, as I’m sure you all know by now!
(By the way, hi to any new followers, I love meeting new people but have had a bit of trouble keeping up lately. I’ll come and visit your blogs soon!)