Cheapest dress EVER #3

Yes, it’s time to brag about not spending money again, but this post also coincides with Me-Made-March* (click here if you’re not taking part and have no idea what I’m on about). As I said last post, I’m in the middle of a translation so that means you get a minimum of waffle.

This dress was the result of boredom last week while I was waiting to get the go-ahead for the translation I’m working on now. But I promised to keep this short! So to summarise, boredom + T-shirt sitting around unproductively in the cupboard + scissors + sewing machine = new dress and hairband (and necklace, which I am not wearing here)!

Not bad for (insert crazily cheap amount of money here), hey? Except it wasn’t (crazily cheap amount). In fact, it was free, as a boy buddy who is rather a lot taller and wider than me didn’t want it any more (I bet you he’ll demand it back if he sees what I’ve done with it, even though it looks better on me, teehee).

If only I’d teamed it with my cheapest accessories, it would have been not only my cheapest dress, this would have been one of my cheapest outfits too. Let’s do the sums for what I’m wearing here:
Dress $0 (unless you count my time and effort, so let’s say, oh, $3000 per hour?)
Earrings $5 from Camberwell market
Belt about $4 from the Salvos
Shoes $10 from Savers not long ago!
Damn, looks like I spent nearly a whole $20 on this get-up!

If you want to know how I made it, I’ll probably put up a tutorial soon with before and after shots. Or is it self-explanatory?

*Are any of you taking part too? Let me know! I’m already cheating because I didn’t wear this outfit today. But I didn’t think putting up pics of me in self-snipped crappy windcheater and trackies (ie translating uniform) was going to do anyone any favours.