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Happy Birthday St Gertrude, patron saint of cats!

The 17th of March is celebrated in many countries as St Patrick’s Day (and in even more countries, it’s celebrated as my birthday, haha!) but did you know that it’s also the day… Continue reading

There’s a cat on the cover!

It’s not often a cat (let alone a serval cat called Tula) makes it to the front cover of a magazine, but then Peppermint is not your average magazine! It’s a showcase of… Continue reading

If it’s your birthday and you know it…

… raise your paw.That’s right, it’s my birthday, so my mum let me do a special post all on my own! I’m 19 today, so I haven’t got any wild parties planned, but… Continue reading

Modern medicine RULES

After all my sookiness about Suki the other day I took her to the vet for blood pressure tests, and it turns out that her blood pressure was fairly much through the roof,… Continue reading