Frenzied fashion post

How have you been? I’ve hardly had time to scratch myself (not that I’m particularly itchy anyway, but it’s lucky that I’m not!). Having been out of work for a few months before this, I can only hope that this rush of work will continue – hopefully at a slightly more manageable pace. Anyway I did fit in a little bit of fashion stuff last week (it was Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival), so here’s some snaps and very brief commentary.

On Thursday, there was a fashion show at the GPO. I went with Fabia. I took photos of Lady Melbourne and she put up one of us on her blog too.

Seeing as she also took some good catwalk shots and did a commentary on the show, I’m going to be lazy and say check out her post rather than bother with doing a review myself.

Re Me-Made-March…my top’s not at all me-made as it’s by Balenciaga – it was a hand-me-down from one of the editors when I worked at Vogue Nippon (yes, BALENCIAGA, I know!! AS IF you would give that away! But AS IF I was going to argue when she gave it to me). The Me-Made component is the necklace made from a sporran that I mentioned the other day, plus other stuff but you can’t see it so I won’t go into details (it’s late; my bed and my cat are calling me. Impatiently).

On Friday I went to Cecylia‘s, ostensibly for a fashion event, but it was basically an excuse to dress up, hang out and eat cupcakes with her and Sam from Bento. Check out the cupcakes!! And check out Cecylia’s cute necklace!

And of course check out some gorgeous stuff in the boutique.

Plus, Cecylia gave me a really cool necklace for my birthday! So lovely of her. And it even matched what I was wearing. That’s probably why I was so happy I look like I’m doing a jig.

Most impressed. Cupcakes AND a necklace. Can’t get much better than that. I’m wearing a top I made from a T-shirt (I can show you befores and afters if necessary, just not tonight! Let me know if you want to see them), and the rest of my outfit you’ve seen before (self-snipped leather mini, etc…)

Last night I had dinner at my sister’s place and was treated to a delicious Indian meal (her husband is an eeeeeexcellent cook for main courses) and a sinfully rich chocolate tart (my sister handles the desserts in their house). AND she also made me a necklace – this colourful beaded one which happened to go perfectly with the one I was already wearing. I made it from beads I got in India and some pink tassels that I made myself with wool from an op shop!

That’s two necklaces I’ve scored in two days, not bad, hey?