We’re going to be on TV!!

Everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame, and mine is scheduled for April 30 at 5:30pm on channel 7!! Set your VCRs now!! haha…
To explain, Erica from Recycled Fashion asked me to come along to film a segment on op shop tours for Coxy’s Big Break yesterday. There’s more info on her blog, so again I’m going to be lazy and direct you to her post instead of bothering to go into details here. She didn’t manage to get pics though, so here are a few of my crappy ones just for the record. Here’s Lucy, the incredibly gorgeous and nice presenter for the segment, trying a few things on at the Salvos in Newmarket.

And here she is getting Lara‘s opinion on op shopping (sorry about the bad, bad backlighting!)

This woman is an op shopper, so she can’t show her face on camera (does anyone remember that dentist ad from the 80s?). Hi Erica!

This is how Lara feels about op shopping!!

I managed to find something to buy, of course. This black leather Innovare bag for $9.95. I’ll no doubt jazz it up a bit, but it’s a handy size to carry all my crap around in.
I’m wearing a blouse I made from an op shop dress, shorts I made from corduroy pants, and jewellery I fiddled with myself too. I think I have featured this red and blue necklace before but can’t remember where… the red beads are apparently mountain coral, although I’m inclined to think they’re actually resin, and the blue beads are Fimo ones I made when I was 12!! That’s why I keep EVERYTHING. It always comes in handy eventually!