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Frenzied fashion post

How have you been? I’ve hardly had time to scratch myself (not that I’m particularly itchy anyway, but it’s lucky that I’m not!). Having been out of work for a few months before… Continue reading

Hot chicks! .. who are All Dressed Up…

Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I was invited by the lovely Cecylia to hang out in her boutique last Friday, which turned out to be a real stinker, hence the… Continue reading

BIG discount at Cecylia online!!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cecylia boutique at 1113 High St, Armadale, for a stylish soiree at which I not only got to mingle with lovely ladies… Continue reading

I blame it on the cupcakes

Contrary to popular belief (or maybe just wishful thinking on my part), it’s not every day that I get to eat delicious cupcakes, hang out with people who actually make an effort with… Continue reading