I blame it on the cupcakes

Contrary to popular belief (or maybe just wishful thinking on my part), it’s not every day that I get to eat delicious cupcakes, hang out with people who actually make an effort with their appearance, and be surrounded by beautiful, covetable clothing and accessories, but this evening I had the pleasure of attending a VIP runway party at Cecylia in High Street, Armadale. Yes, runway. That means there was a fashion show. Unfortunately I had to work overtime and did not actually get there in time to see it. *Sigh*. Luckily there was still plenty to swoon over when I arrived… and that’s only taking the items for sale into account. Why, oh why, did I not take zillions of pictures of the beautiful ladies and their outfits!?* I’m kicking myself (in my Salvos heels!) now, but at the time the cupcakes and conversation were too tempting and I missed my chance. Oh well, I’m sure lots of other bloggers got pics so I might add in links later. For now, here’s my quick pick of highlights for those of you who are nowhere near Melbourne. I won’t list the brand names, mainly because I was too lazy to write them down… sorry! I blame the cupcakes again!

Cute little caps for the racing carnival… have any of you started thinking about your outfits yet? Last year I swore I was going to make a huge effort this year, but as yet, nothing has happened.. are you surprised!?

Some hand-y hooks in between some amazing skirts…

Fabulous jewellery which even I can’t work out how to DIY from papier mache or old toilet rolls or the usual crap I make my accessories from…although I suppose if I picked up enough feathers from my backyard, this one might be achievable…

*I did at least get this shot of myself and Cecylia… I’m fulfilling the Self-stitched September criteria in an outfit entirely made by me – well, not stockings or underwear… but earrings, top and skirt at least!! (The top and skirt are from my label, Fourth Daughter, and are made from vintage kimono and obi).