In which you are sadly mistaken

The fashion industry is all about glamour, or so it would have you believe. But behind every glossy fashion spread is a harassed stylist .. and their assistant. This week I was assisting on a styling job for a department store for three days… I took this shot among all the chaos, although admittedly it was nothing compared with what I used to have to do when I worked at a fashion mag in Tokyo. You know how it takes about 5 seconds to glance at a page of ‘this season’s top shoes’ or ‘the handbags you have to have!’? Well it takes MONTHS of work to put those pages together. Sorry if you thought the life of a fashion editor was glamorous!!

In keeping with my distinctly non-fashionista budget, I’m wearing a dress I made out of a big black and paisley shawl which I bought for about $1 from a veteran style maven in Tokyo who was cleaning out her wardrobe. This shawl was full of holes as the moths had found it before I did, and the edges have lots of tears, but as it’s patterned, it was easy for me to patch it up without it being too obvious (or so I like to believe. I hope people aren’t pointing and sniggering about all the repair work when I walk past!)
I wore this dress to an art exhibition a while ago and some teenagers came up and asked me where I got it! Don’t you love it when you can answer ‘I made it myself’!?
All jewellery from op shops, and boots are from a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale for fashion industry types in Tokyo (I admit, there are SOME perks to being a harassed fashion assistant!!)