BIG discount at Cecylia online!!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Cecylia boutique at 1113 High St, Armadale, for a stylish soiree at which I not only got to mingle with lovely ladies but also checked out fabulous frocks AND nibble on (alright, admittedly it was more like, stuff my face with) delicious little desserts. I put some blurry pictures up about it but was later sent some better ones (thanks Cheryl!) so here’s one to jog your memory (with new friend Hannah, and wearing outfit entirely made by myself as I was participating in Self-stitched September… seems so long ago now!)

Anyway, Cecylia herself has invited me to drop around to the shop tomorrow to do the girly bonding thing and take silly photos of me for her blog (at least I think that’s what she has in mind, but she’ll have to tear me away from the Mawi jewellery and Felder Felder fabulousness first). Those of you who are in Melbourne, if you haven’t already been, drop in to the boutique (I’m not just saying that because there are FREE CUPCAKES with purchase), but those of you who live elsewhere – you can now shop online!! The new Cecylia eBoutique at will feature a selection of pieces from various designers stocked in the store, including items exclusive to Cecylia in Australia. There’s also the chance to preview collections and pre-order to be the first chick on the block with the latest designer creations.
What? You want more? Well, as you’re all so lovely to me (and Suki of course, not that she shops at Cecylia because she prefers to go around au naturelle),
if you use the discount code STYLEWILD, you will receive an extra 20% off (even for already discounted prices) at the online shop at Don’t ever let it be said that I don’t give back to those who show me blog love!!