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There’s a cat on the cover!

It’s not often a cat (let alone a serval cat called Tula) makes it to the front cover of a magazine, but then Peppermint is not your average magazine! It’s a showcase of… Continue reading

Street style gives me ideas

Where do you get DIY ideas? These days there are so many bloggers we can turn to for inspiration – I don’t mean just for their outfit styling, I’m talking about people like… Continue reading

For all cats, big and small

Not long ago, I did a post about a turban that I made from a blanket. I didn’t mention it then, but the reason I started cutting up my childhood blanket was to… Continue reading

Is Fashion Sustainable?

This week has been all about feeding off other bloggers’ posts instead of writing my own, and when you’re on a roll (or incredibly lazy), why change things? Last night I went to… Continue reading

Batik, baby, ye-ah!

Although my life is, like, a constant whirlwind of social engagements and glamorous fashiony events* I do sometimes just manage to squeeze in some writing gigs, the most regular one being for Peppermint… Continue reading

19 steps to frustration

So the kimono book translation is over and the checking begins. The last chapter was probably the trickiest as it was the chapter on how to actually wear the kimono, as in, how… Continue reading

Russian to buy these boots

Aah, the internet. Don’t you love how one minute you can be deep in serious research for an article you’re meant to be writing and the next your blood pressure is sky-high as… Continue reading

Girlz in the ‘hood

Just last week I was swanning around in shorts, but the weather today makes me want to dive back under the doona. It’s not always practical to carry your doona around with you,… Continue reading