Batik, baby, ye-ah!

Although my life is, like, a constant whirlwind of social engagements and glamorous fashiony events* I do sometimes just manage to squeeze in some writing gigs, the most regular one being for Peppermint magazine. Yes, I’m outing myself as Miss Sew ‘n’ Sew… which you will only understand if you’ve seen the magazine, but basically I do a column every issue where I remake or customise something. (Like this)
Of course sometimes things don’t work out exactly how I planned**, because, well, I don’t actually plan. Take this skirt which I made out of a circular tablecloth, which was about $3 from Savers. I don’t know where the rest of my documenting pictures have got to but basically I cut a circle from the centre and a split down the front… and then had to take a bit more off the split as I had not calculated that the sides wouldn’t match up properly when I wrapped it around my waist. Anyway, I then attached a long tie around the waist and some press studs to each of the sides so they wouldn’t fly open at inopportune moments (I’d like to know when would be an opportune moment for one’s skirt to fly open?). And voila, here I am wearing it, aren’t I clever? Although not clever enough to size this photo so you can actually see my outfit properly. Hmmm. Worn with a long jumper I made into a cardigan ($4 or so at a Japanese op shop), wool camisole, kimono material as a sash, batik scarf that used to be my mum’s, and Gap wedges which I could not really wear without socks in the middle of winter because I have crap circulation and my feet can still be cold even when it’s 25 degrees.

*sarcasm factor, like, pretty bloody high… although recently I did go to a fashiony event and it was captured for eternity here (no, I don’t have a hideous skin disorder, it only looks like it). If you’d like to see a better pic of these earrings where my skin looks considerably more attractive, because *I* took the photo, go to this post. If you want to see the before-and-after of the dress I wore with it, go here.

**The batik skirt did not make it into the magazine. This is the one that did. I made it out of a sheet and some bias binding. The magazine is still on sale so I’m not meant to put up the actual pages right now. This nautical look is cute, but really not me. I’m all into the ethnicky stuff, as anyone who has even remotely dipped into my ramblings would know by now!