18 years in the making

Have you ever belittled yourself for procrastinating or not finishing things you started? What’s the longest amount of time you’ve ever needed to complete a craft project? I’m thinking I could be in the running for the record, not that it’s anything to brag about… I made this jacket when I was trialling a pattern for my year 12 formal (the jacket I eventually made was in horrible wine coloured satin and I embroidered a heart on the sleeve with beads.. eww .. I’m shuddering just thinking about it as it did nothing for my colouring and I would never wear my heart on my sleeve now…).
Anyway, as I never throw anything out, I kept the trial jacket which is in a fairly che
ap and yukky navy cottony fabric, and recently decided to make it into an African-esque top. After taking it in a bit to get rid of the horrible 80s shape (or lack of), I unearthed some textile crayons which were even older than the jacket (I think they date back to when I was in Brownies actually) and drew random geometric patterns all over it in white, then found some white embroidery cotton which a neighbour had given me in, um, about 1985, and accentuated the seam lines and around the neck in (crappy) cross stitch. I ended up chopping bits off the hem as it was a bit too long, and I used those to cover some self-cover buttons and make button loops*.

The scarf on my head is from Laos – I hand-dyed it in real indigo! (or rather, the girl at the craft centre bound it for me to get the tie-dye pattern right and I swished it back and forth in the smelly indigo mixture for a bit).

This picture of Liya Kebede in an Yves Saint Laurent campaign from 2002 was sort of the inspiration for this top, but I’m not sure if you can see it so well... of course I have the actual photos in Vogues from that time but did I think to scan them when I found them in my stash of magazines when I was cleaning out my wardrobe? No, I did not. Are you surprised?

*And the rest is now being used as makeup remover pads. Waste not, want not. Hmm.. wonder if there’s a market for makeup remover pads with pseudo-African designs?? Sounds like another business scheme I’ll have to look into.