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Ethnic earrings

When I grow up, I want earrings like this lady. This photo is just one of many excellent, inspirational photos from a book I found at the library called Ethnic Jewellery. Short of… Continue reading

Kudos to the kaftan

How are you spending your Australia Day? I’m stuck at work, but in my mind I’m enjoying our great outdoors, on a beach, with a picnic blanket and a delicious spread that includes… Continue reading

Vientiane – yes, again!

If you follow me on social media you might have already seen this amazing jacket, but I thought I’d share it all the same. It can’t hurt to see something this fabulous for… Continue reading

Refashioning ethnic dress – Yao jacket

As you might have realised by now, I’m a big fan of ethnic textiles, embroidery and handicrafts – especially crafts that you can actually wear. The problem is, even if a garment is… Continue reading

Oriental Express

 I’m sure by now that if you’ve read a few posts of mine, you’ll realise that I’m rather partial to fiddling with all sorts of ethnic dress to make it more fashion-y. Somewhat… Continue reading

Three ways with a T-dress

Many years ago, I bought this oversized printed T-top while on holiday in Malaysia. It made a handy mini dress or beach cover-up, which is how I used it for a while.  But… Continue reading

Yao all come back now!

How many of you would love a holiday where all you do is sew and catch up on DIY projects? Sounds like my idea of heaven – as long as there were a… Continue reading

Little China girl

We all know that time flies, but this was made particularly obvious to me when I completed a DIY project and went looking for the “before” picture. “Surely I only thought up this project a… Continue reading

It’s a shawl thing

Some of my readers (and friends!) have been asking what I was actually doing in Laos (when I wasn’t sitting around in cafes nibbling on desserts or getting drenched due to the Lao… Continue reading

On the road in Laos #3 – Akha villages

There are so many different peoples living in Laos that it would be impossible for me to try to remember the characteristics of each group, but the Akha people make themselves memorable by… Continue reading