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Hida: the highlights

If you’ve been to Japan but only ever tackled Tokyo, you’re missing out! Far away from the big smoke*, the Hida Takayama region was a highlight of my recent visit to Japan. I flew into Chubu… Continue reading

Get Redressed – my challenge for February

You know how you take some things for granted until they’re pointed out to you? That happened to me recently when Redress invited me to take part in their Get Redressed Challenge. The… Continue reading

If the ’70s aren’t your style, try ’50s fashion

Is it too late to wish you happy new year? I hadn’t intended on such a long blogging break, but various forms of technology conspired against me*, and so I find it’s been… Continue reading

Holiday headwear: an attempt at elegance

Another Monday, another working week – but I’m afraid my mind is already travelling to exotic locations. I’m off on a very short trip to Laos (yes, AGAIN!) and Burma (or is it… Continue reading

Great times on the Great Ocean Road

I’m not really someone who makes a big deal about birthdays, but some ages are milestones that need celebrating. Add my guy’s recent big birthday to the fact that I really, really wanted… Continue reading

DIY dressing on holiday

What would you pack for a tropical getaway? While I have travelled in tropical climes a few times in recent years, the itinerary has usually involved “roughing it” to some degree, so packing… Continue reading

Guilfoyle’s Volcano – a rough guide

How’s your Easter holiday been? Have you managed to get away for a bit? My (very) mini-break begins tomorrow (location will be revealed in an upcoming post, of course!), but I thought I’d… Continue reading

To Tokyo!!

As you might have guessed by the lack of posts last week, I’ve been just a little bit busy. This is partially because I AM GOING BACK TO TOKYO FOR A HOLIDAY THIS… Continue reading

Taking a break before I even begin

Starting a blog is no big deal, right? At least it used not to be. But when I started thinking about the fabulousness of certain bloggers (the amazing Tavi, the charming Lady Melbourne,… Continue reading